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Boss Blocks are suppliers of high quality precast concrete products

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Suppliers of precast concrete products

When you have a business, people are inclined to ask
“What is your point of difference?”.

At Boss Blocks, we are clear about this – we believe only in quality workmanship and are proud of our premium products.

Our interconnecting Boss Blocks are not only safe and offer stability other products don’t; the flexibility and skill we have to produce a range of attractive front-facing finishes, sets us apart from our competitors.

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Pre Cast Concrete Blocks

Boss Blocks is a locally owned and operated business, who in turn support other local businesses. Our highly skilled team have more than 20 years’ experience in the concrete industry and align ourselves only with reputable suppliers.


347 Corner Townsend & Ebden Street, Albury NSW

Using Boss Blocks

Our  high quality blocks are suitable for a range of purposes including:

Safety Barriers

Providing safety barriers in and around environmental, roadway or workplace hazards.


The retaining of loose products such as earth materials, sand and soil.


Permanent retaining walls, including feature walls around residential and rural homes.


Our Blocks

Boss Blocks can also be considered as a highly rigid and alternate way of building. With our range of premium colour and finish options, you can construct a flat wall or full structure with no other infrastructure or materials required. The strength and size interconnecting Boss Blocks offer, removes the need to invest in regular building preparation and materials. 

Boss Blocks are also easy and safe to install, manufactured with inbuilt ferulles for lifting.

We are also willing and able to custom build Boss Blocks based on your design and fit-for-purpose needs. We welcome your enquiry to discuss your specific project.

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